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Learn how to sail a yacht by professionals

Skipper trainings or assisted deliveries


In our skipper training and assisted deliveries, we share practical experience, enhancing your skills even if you already hold a license. Upon reaching the destination port, we provide an intensive briefing for you and your family, along with optional personal skipper and crew training tailored to your yacht. Our goal is to ensure your confidence and safety in handling your vessel. A comprehensive 6-day course, including 5 nights, allows you to sail both day and night, covering key aspects:

– Learn your boat’s systems.
– Master reefing to comfortably navigate in challenging wind conditions.
– Enhance tacks, jibes, and execute MOB maneuvers for safer sailing.
– Hone maneuvering, docking/undocking skills in harbors and marinas.
– Gain insights into safety, meteorology, and radio procedures.
– Acquire basic maintenance, problem-solving, and boat living tips.

We tailor the learning experience to your skill level and pace, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable journey.

Skipper training or assisted deliveries

Accompanied training

Why not use the transfer of your new yacht as a skipper training? Owners are welcome to accompany us on the delivery of their yacht for all or part of the voyage. This way – the time we spend together on board could become a long 24 h skipper training. Our very experienced and motivated ocean skippers are happy to pass on their knowledge to you. A transfer is a great time to make new experiences and to improve your knowledge. It can also be a large confidence booster, after sailing so many miles in a short period of time in potentially challenging conditions.

At the same time, you will get to know your yacht very well. We will show you how to handle your yacht in different weather situations. Even if a passage is not a vacation trip, it might be exciting for you to experience routing by day and night and to broaden your own experience in the process. A prerequisite for this is of course the yacht to have a high standard of seaworthiness because we cannot influence the weather. Or just jump on board for a part of the trip. We look forward to improving your confidence and skills on the sea.

All of this is done with the highest levels of safety in mind and to be as gentle as possible on your yacht.

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