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Testimonials & Reviews

Dear Toni, Good that you returned home safely. By the way, quick last note, which I also shared with Armin this morning to let him & you know that it is easy for Sabine and me to understand why you both are very successful in what you do. I’ve seen in my business many people working with customers, and wanted to let you know that you both figured well out how service should be provided: You both know 100-times more about sailing than I, you use your skills to make it a safe journey, however without “dominating” the owner with your skills. That is really an art & science, and makes it for the owner more a learning-by-doing instead a lecture. I was watching how you do your knots, how you set sail, how you monitor traffic and in what sequence you prepare for mooring etc. You both are pros in what you do, but at the same time also very good in HOW you work this with the customer. I read once a line which describes you and Armin best … “Gentlemen at Sea”. “Hold the line”, it is really cool what you do – congratulations! I just talked to Sabine on the phone, and she asked me to pass on also her regards & thanks for your help. And yes, I will give her the “Big Bear Toni Hug” 🙂 when I will see her in two weeks. Puno pozdrava, Sabine & Thomas

Sabine & Thomas

Prodelivery is our long term partner for transferring yachts from the factories to our destinations especially to our Marina , Marina Baotic in Seget Donji/Croatia. His experience, knowledge and reliability is providing a first class service you can rely on. Since Armin is multilingual , coordination with suppliers, factories or even owners is always efficient, professional and helpful. A first class skipper and provider of transferring yachts.   

Baotic Yachting – Sales Manager Zlatko Coskovic


Sailing catamaran Fountaine Pajot – ISLA 40 – August 2021

Delivery La Rochelle (France) to Tivat (Montenegro)

It is not easy as a private owner to entrust his brand new ship for a longer period of time to a stranger. But already after the first phone call with Armin Kusstatscher we knew that he is the right person for this transfer. The consultation and entire handling of the transfer of our ship was professional and transparent from the first minute to the handover. Armin and his crew delivered our boat over 2600 nautical miles without any damage within the scheduled time and we were able to start our first vacation trip full of joy. Thank you for your professionalism and your pleasant manner Armin!

Tanja & Andreas Austria

The pro deliveries team has always transferred yachts for Master Yachting’s clients and also our own gently, quickly and reliably, handing them over in immaculate and clean condition at the port of destination. The pro deliveries team has always transferred yachts for Master Yachting’s clients and also our own gently, quickly and reliably, handing them over in immaculate and clean condition at the port of destination.

“Man in Blue” Team Pro-Deliveries . Alexander has found some great partners; professional, competent and friendly.

Sabine and Thomas - private Fountaine pajot tanna 47

It was certainly the best decision to have the transfer of our Lagoon 46 carried out by an experienced professional skipper like Armin. We were there for part of the trip and learned a lot about our new boat. It was also very pleasant that we experienced a very harmonious cooperation. The breathtaking impressions of a trip on the Atlantic were then a special bonus. Another big plus is that Armin not only knows the best marinas along the way, but also always knows who to contact for any work that needs to be done. Pro delivery team got our boat through difficult weather situations very well and in one piece to our berth in the upper Adriatic. We also had extra skipper training with Marco, which pro-deliveries also arranged. These were two extremely valuable days with a really experienced and very patient coach who helped us to achieve the desired goals. We wish Pro-deliveries all the best and thank him for his always open ear!

Dagmar & Cornelius Privat Lagoon 46

Professionals. Fast delivery. Low fuel consumption. Low nm calculation. Detailed expense list with bills. Hourly gps tracking. Boat was clean and nicely docked. Boat defects is written by skippers.

Arman Baris Calli Benneteau Oceanis 48 & Jeanneau SO 434

Armin Kusstatscher was the transfer skipper of our Lagoon 380 DOUCEMA from Les Sables-d’Ollone (France) via Gibraltar to Biograd (Croatia). Armin was responsible in France for the takeover of the catamaran from Lagoon, the offshore equipment and ship suitability as well as for the communication and initiation of the implementation of the after sales issues with Lagoon and Masteryachting (dealer). Then for the safe transfer of DOUCEMA over 2620 nautical miles to Croatia. Sailing a brand new ship in April into the Atlantic and starting directly across the Bay of Biscay requires an absolutely fit ship and so Armin impressed us how, for example, he spent a day in the rig before departure and checked every block, every shackle – three did not stand up to his tests and were replaced. We, the owners of DOUCEMA, were there during the preparations in France as well as during the trip to Croatia. So we had enough time and opportunity to get to know Armin well during the total of 5 weeks. First and foremost, Armin’s careful and respectful handling of the ship and crew should be emphasised. As well as his calm and thoughtful way of tackling issues and solving problems. Armin’s weather routing was also impressive, with good and favourable stopovers that worked out perfectly and his sovereign way of guiding the ship safely even in strong winds. My wife and I quickly gained full confidence in our Prodelivery skipper on this passage trip and learned a lot for our future sailing life. We are very grateful for this. We wish Prodelivery team all the best and fair winds.

Brigitte & Gerald Winkler www.doucema.at


As a Fountaine Pajot dealer who delivers catamarans throughout the Mediterranean and also occasionally outside the EU, the first-class delivery service of pro-deliveries is almost without alternative. With these professionals, you can be sure that the yachts will be handled in the best possible way and that the other services, such as skipper training, handovers, after-sales support, and much more, will leave nothing to be desired.

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