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additional fittings

Enrich your yacht

Elevate your yacht experience with our comprehensive Additional Fittings service. We take pride in offering expert advice and proactively coordinating the installation of carefully selected equipment at your chosen destination. Our range of enhancements includes:

1. Generator: Ensure uninterrupted power on your yacht with a top-notch generator. We guide you in selecting the right model, handle procurement, and guarantee a seamless installation.

2. Water Maker: Enjoy the convenience of a water maker, providing a self-sufficient water supply for extended journeys. We assist in choosing an appropriate system, oversee the acquisition, and ensure professional installation.

3. Solar, Lithium Batteries, and Inverter Systems with Upgrades: Embrace sustainable energy solutions with our solar, lithium batteries, and inverter systems. We work closely with premium suppliers to help you choose the best fit, manage the procurement process, and execute upgrades for enhanced performance.

Our strong partnerships with leading suppliers empower us to provide tailored advice on equipment selection, ensuring compatibility with your yacht. From procurement to installation, we handle the entire process, offering you the convenience of a one-stop solution. Rest assured, all equipment and installations come with a full warranty, and our commitment to professionalism guarantees a yacht enriched with advanced features, setting you on course for a sophisticated and enjoyable maritime journey.

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