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Nurturing Your Yachting Dreams: The art of accepting a new yacht is a profound responsibility, demanding seasoned experience, precision, technical expertise, and a discerning eye. Unlike a car, a yacht involves intricate manual craftsmanship, making it susceptible to minor errors during production that could escalate into significant challenges, even safety concerns.
Despite shipyards’ continual efforts to enhance quality control, nuances may persist. Our meticulous crew dedicates 1-2 days (depending on size and fittings) for a thorough inspection, ensuring your new vessel aligns with your expectations both technically and aesthetically.
A comprehensive report, complete with detailed photos and signatures from the shipyard and seller, provides you the assurance of a flawless yacht. The signed documents not only confirm the boat’s condition but also mark the beginning of your ownership journey, initiating warranty coverage. Let the adventures begin with the confidence that your yacht is in perfect condition.

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