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You have found a used yacht and want to be on the safe side? Then we recommend an appraisal by our premium partner PROMARE. With many years of experience in the areas of sailing and motor catamarans as well as sailing and motor yachts, PROMARE provides you with a clear basis for your purchase decision.  And beyond that, with detailed breakdowns for repair costs and a market value analysis, a perfect basis for negotiation. Many boat owners have already benefited from these PROMARE yacht appraisals and thus saved money.


Construction supervision and new boat handovers

Your new yacht is currently under construction? PROMARE checks the quality and workmanship of your catamaran or monohull yacht during construction. And after the initial launch, you will receive a premium handover with a detailed briefing of all technical systems as well as a test drive and basic training in navigation electronics. And should new questions arise during your first trip, PROMARE will be happy to assist you via telephone support.


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